Succession plans:

Succession planning is one of the most critical activities an organization undertakes. In our experience, different companies apply succession planning for different purposes. Some look to develop and replace their key leaders, others want to generate a talent pipeline. However, to comprehensively look at succession planning there are other purposes such as: Clarification of key roles and the criteria required to fulfill them, specification of leaders’ strengths and experiences to accelerate leadership growth, provision of learning and development as well as a value proposition to retain and motivate talent. Most organizations will focus on many goals simultaneously.

Succession planning should be focused on developing critical leadership talent. Organizations should structure and communicate clear principles, apply specific criteria and implement a structured and sustainable process. These will help companies to realize a competitive advantage by retaining key talent and generating a pipeline of leaders who can help to steer the company and align to meet the organizations long-term strategies and goals.

Darren & Associates develop succession planning projects that ensure a set of clear targets and focus which would enable a wide participation and top management buy-in. Our team of specialized consultants will work closely with our clients to layout alignment of practices with business strategies; specify success criteria and the full succession planning process as well as clarifying roles and responsibilities to implement the process and closely link those programs to the Human Resources processes.

Market Mapping:

Our research teams have a good coverage both geographically and in specific industry market knowledge. The teams also hold a wide range of sector experience is also tremendously diverse and international. Darren & Associates are able to provide the right research support to our consultants and clients no matter what the requirement.

Our clients not only demand a high quality and well researched shortlist but also want detailed information on the market place; where the key talents are in their sector and competitors. Our research team is responsible for compiling this information using a number of research methods and by networking with senior executives to gain their insight. Creativity is of the utmost importance, as different ideas mean different types of candidates which would lead to our clients in having a well thought out choice of people to suit the needs of their business.

Darren & Associates will provide our clients with a well-researched "snapshot" of the talent pool of executives, within a defined scope of geography, industries and function.

The end product of our mapping assignments will be a summary of the talent market in the form of a “Long List” of senior executives who, from our market knowledge and judgment, would appear comparable to our clients’ requirements.