Leadership Solutions' Objective:
To ensure that the leadership skills and mindsets of senior executives are appropriately aligned with internal and external business needs, using a combination of psychometric and 360° Expert Networks, benchmarking, and executive coaching.

Customization of Benchmarks

Build a new client model that can be tailored to reflect the clients own language

Use an existing client model and make adjustments using parameters from the A&A benchmark dictionary

Supplement a client's model, using the client’s language and A&A’s benchmark dictionary

Integration of Expert Network and Benchmarking Results

Can be used for determining Promotion Potential and Succession Planning

Presentation of Results – Sample Table

Executive Coaching

Based on needs and skill/experience gaps identified through psychometric/360° Expert Networks and benchmarking, as well as desired corporate and leadership culture

Coaches are identified based on each leader's individual style, background/experience and coaching needs – all coaches are vetted by Akins & Associates to confirm that style, experience and coaching skills adhere to our standards

Coaching is done in 6-session blocks (usually one 2-hour session monthly but can vary depending on need) and are renewable as necessary

The coaching agenda is business oriented and focuses on orga nizational needs versus individual issues

Outputs for Our Client Organisations

For the organization:

Clear corporate and leadership cultures
Clear goals for change

For the leaders:

Clear and consistent expectations for leadership performance
Appropriate leadership development programme that addresses needs relatable and relevant to the desired corporate and leadership cultures

For top management:

Expert Network and benchmarking results that clearly identify career and succession potential for the leaders, as well as skill/experience gaps, again using corporate and leadership cultures as frames of reference A road map to make change happen