We strive in every engagement to recruit the most outstanding candidates, regardless of any factor other than their ability. With today's dynamic global economy, the best companies recognize that their leadership must reflect the world's diverse population. To fulfill our dedicated commitment to diversity we do our best to serve our clients' needs in this are.

Our team help clients assess their diversity needs and can provide an objective Expert Network of a company's ability to attract diverse candidates. We also can help devise long-term strategies for enhancing clients' attractiveness to diverse groups.

At the same time, our consultants have strong relationships with senior executives, who trust us to bring them career opportunities that represent a good fit with their capabilities and ambitions. Consequently we understand how definitions and requirements for diversity differ from region to region. For every search, we bring together the best team based on industry expertise, functional knowledge, diversity experience and location.

Darren & Associates are committed to exploring diversity issues. Our Consultants are involved in discussions on diversity, both with clients and community organizations. We consider candidates of exceptional qualifications and abilities of all backgrounds. Darren & Associates believe that organizations would benefit and achieves more when its workplace embraces all individuals.