Today's Chief Information Officers (CIOs) have to combine a thorough knowledge of technology with strategic business acumen. They must also have the ability to determine which technologies will further the company's business strategy and goals. In addition, a skilled CIO must possess the ability to positively influence the perception of the organization in the eyes of customers, shareholders and the media.

The CIO role has, therefore, assumed considerable strategic significance. The scale of responsibilities and the scope of the role of the CIO have increased as IT has become an increasingly critical aspect of business management. Today's CIO must be connected to every aspect of company operations and able to anticipate issues and recommend ways of addressing them before they threaten the running of the business.

In response to this crucial need, Darren & Associates has practice group focused around CIOs and broader Information Technology officers. Our consultants bring deep industry and functional experience that allows us to help our clients to identify, assess and attract top talent within the IT function.

In addition to recruiting of Chief Information Officers, Chief Technology Officers, and Darren & Associates also place leadership roles in areas as diverse as:

Application Development

Business Intelligence

ERP Professionals

IT Audit

Project Management

Risk Management

Strategic Sourcing

Systems Infrastructure