The global industrial marketplace is undergoing a remarkable and historic transformation spurred by exciting new advancements in technology, the powerful growth of emerging markets, accelerating innovation and the growing complexity of supply chains serving customers in every region of the world.
Never has the need for innovative, global and experienced executive leadership been in more demand but also in such short supply. In virtually every region of the world organizations are now challenged with the issues of talent acquisition, retention, succession and development like never before.

In response to these realities, Darren & Associates has built an experienced Industrial team. Our work encompasses a wide variety of functions (such as operations, manufacturing, supply chain, marketing and sales) and levels with nearly 20% of our work including regional C-level posts such as Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer.

The aerospace & defense sector continues to see tumultuous changes as a result of the war on terrorism and the shifting of economic power to faster growing emerging markets such as China, India, Middle East and Southeast Asia. Political and economic trends continue to affect this sector worldwide as companies cope with increased competition and new market demands.

We can assist clients in a wide range of specialized areas including:



Aircraft Engines

Aviation Electronics

Aircraft Components


Ground Stations

Launch Vehicles

Space Systems & Services


Aviation/Aerospace Services

MRO - Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul

As environmental concerns drive the adoption of new technologies, as mergers, acquisitions and bankruptcies change the industry landscape, and as both new consumer markets and industry competitors emerge in such countries as China, India and Russia, the global automotive sector requires innovative, dynamic executives to lead the way to success.

With our global reach and industry expertise, Darren & Associates' automotive sector search professionals can identify and recruit leaders well suited to meet the challenges. We can assist clients in a wide range of specialization areas, including:

Automotive, Truck and Specialty Vehicles

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM)

Tier One, Tier Two and Other Suppliers

Aftermarket Part Suppliers

Retailing & Dealership Groups

Private Equity Funds

Transportation Service Providers

Building/Construction Materials

Forest Products & Biofuels





Success in today's diversified manufacturing sector rests on leaders who possess an understanding of global markets, end-to-end supply chain issues, global sourcing, low cost manufacturing and innovation. It is their ability to think broadly and motivate others that allows companies in this sector to compete in this new era of complex global supply chains and diverse customer markets.

Darren & Associates' diversified manufacturing sector team offers specialized expertise in the following sectors:

Diversified Manufacturing

Electronic Equipment & Components

Industrial Materials & Technology

Consumer Durables

Material Handling Equipment

Agricultural/Construction Equipment

Industrial Heating & Cooling

Machine Tools

Power Generation

Process & Control Equipment

Pumps, Valves & Compressors

The continued globalization and demand for energy and chemicals has led to amazing changes in the development, utilization, supply and transport of key energy sources and commodities. We have the formalization of a global practice encompassing:


Oilfield Services

Exploration & Production


Refining and Marketing

Electric & Gas Utilities

Power Generation (Fossil, Nuclear and Alternative)

Engineering & Construction





Our global practice members are focused on the latest industry trends: from emerging market supply/demand dynamics; to sustainability; to the impact of alternative energy in the business planning; to regulatory; political and financial factors in order to develop the most effective talent solutions for this ever changing business sector.

The industrial/transportation services sector has evolved from the relatively simple role of providing outsourcing of non-core functions for clients into the provider of sophisticated business solutions that are highly visible to customers and essential to profitability. Whether you are in need of a chief executive to drive profitable expansion, a country manager to exploit international client relationships, a head office executive charged with supporting operations managers, a supply chain expert or a specialist manager to drive value out of a complex contract, Darren & Associates industrial/transportation services professionals can connect you with key executives who will bring fresh and inspired thinking to your organization.

We offer expertise in key sub-sectors that include:

Industrial Services

Facilities Management

Architectural Services

Engineering Services

Construction Management Services

Waste Management

Environmental Services

Security Services


Equipment Leasing/Rental

Transportation Services

Third Party Logistic & Supply Chain Management Services

Warehousing & Distribution

Freight Forwarders

Courier/Cargo Services


Port & Harbor Management



Airports & Airport Services

Bus Services