Darren & Associates is a fast growing professional consulting firm focused on helping our clients increase human capital and improve human performance. With emphasis on maintaining open and on going communications, and capitalizing on our high-quality research, Darren & Associates is able to find the best fit business leaders for our clients. The candidates we present must not only have the expertise and the experience required, but must be compatible in character, location and culture that are unique to each of our clients. 

We are comprised of a team of dedicated consultants from variety of industries, backgrounds and experiences, bringing their knowledge and expertise to the organization and to each assignment they undertake. We cater to clients in a broad spectrum of industry segment that include Consumer Goods, Industrial Products, Health Care, Real Estate sectors from senior to middle level functional roles. All our clients are European and US multinational corporations entering the China market or have existing operation in China with plans for further expansion. We take time to study and understand the wider aspects of client’s business as well as client’s specific requirements.

We focus predominantly on searching senior executive talent at a regional, national and area-levels for our clients and has completed assignments placing candidates in a variety of senior functional positions such as General management, Marketing & Sales, Finance, Operations, Human Resources areas etc. 

We also deliver access to the best experts available, beginning with our own.  We offer our clients dedicated teams of researchers and project managers who understand your urgency and have the proven experience to find the most appropriate Advisors for even the most obscure questions.

Our mandate is to deliver access to the best experience possible in the marketplace.  So we custom recruit the most plugged-in, accomplished professionals in their fields to become our Advisors. Our expert network is a peerless, worldwide resource of knowledge-rich authorities. That’s how we so effectively serve the expert research needs of our ever-growing list. 

Our Pledge is to accept only those assignments we are confident we can successfully complete, and are committed to continuing our efforts until the assignment is completed to our clients’ satisfaction.

We pride ourselves in identifying, recruiting and assessing leaders whose experience, skills and records of success are a proper match with our client requirements and who will create competitive advantage and sustainable value for our clients.